Any subject that you ever come across invariably has its own terminology, buzz words and dreaded TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). In this regard, I reckon astronomy/cosmology/astrophysics may well top trump them all! Well … perhaps not, since sailing has become a recent interest and is replete with different words for the most basic/obvious of things e.g. heads (toilet), sheets/halyards/shrouds/reefing lines (to name but two, for what is a rope!?).

I daresay there is a book available on Amazon which serves the purpose of explaining what they all mean. Nevertheless, here’s my take on those that I’ve come across as I read books, trawl the internet and read magazine articles.

I’ll update this table as and when I come across something new. Lets face it, it is pretty darn small at the mo(!) and, in no time at all, I reckon I’ll fill up all the available … erm, space.

And, erm, forgive the awful formatting of the table below – WordPress table handling/design is the most basic (e.g. worst!) I’ve come across in any web design tool. Something that I need to ring fence some time into resolving. I may just resort to coding the HTML – so much for GUI based design tools!!

Scratch that last sentence, Google docs supports the creation of spreadsheets, so I’m presently tinkling with getting such a thing embedded into a WordPress post. If I can get it to support dynamic updates, this will be far better than having to update a cumbersome blog post.

Anyway, the glossary of terms as it currently stands (in Google docs format) is accessible from:

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