Scottish Class Locomotives

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In attempting to meddle with model rail, I’ve realised that it can be quite a task to keep track of what locomotives and rolling stock were in use north of the border in the Scottish Region (ScR). Sure, typical of nerds providing information for nerds and not being mindful of newcomers, there are online resources which will provide the lower level detail of what loco number was assigned to what region/shed between what dates. However, at this point in the journey, I only require the higher level view of what type of loco was ever present in the ScR region before I get down to the lower level of details and make a purchase decision!

This is my attempt at an aide memoir (when gawping at adverts, web sites etc!) of what I could utilise in any semi-realistic ScR based layout.

21✔️See Class 29
22Western Region, nicknamed Baby Warships due to the similarities with the D600 Warship which would eventually usurp them.
24✔️This class was largely concentrated in ScR between 1960-76. For detailed info about this class is available @
25✔️Nicknamed Rats due to them being spotted almost everywhere on the network
26✔️Info about all the class histories etc is available @
27✔️By the end of the 60s, the entire class had become concentrated in Scotland
28Banished to north England, based at Carnforth and Carlisle Upperby
29✔️Originally these were class 21. In attempt to address reliability issues modifications were carried out between 1963 and 1965, mainly at the Polmadie Traction & Rolling Stock Depot in Glasgow to install Paxman engines.
33Southern Region (SR) designed locomotive.
35Western Region. The non-standard hydraulic transmission meant they were withdrawn from service by 1975
A list of locomotive classes applicable to ScR layouts

Rolling Stock

Not suitable Blood & Custard Maunsell – these were SR region

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